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 Photo: Erik Nilsson

Critical praise for Karl Nyhlin’s new solo CD
"The Jacobean Lutenists":

"Making this music come alive is an art that Karl Nyhlin masters to perfection. Technique, feeling and insight come together in his playing, to a point where this 400-year-old music feels fresher and more important than most things more modern." 5 stars (5/5)
(Smålandsposten, 22 Feb 2012)

"Nyhlin’s approach is perfect for this repertoire. The music glides forward with subtle elegance, graceful and refined."
4 stars (4/5).
(Sydsvenskan, 7 March 2012)

"Without a doubt one of this year’s knockouts in its genre. Tasteful, noble, and very elegant. An exquisite gem for your CD collection." 5 stars (5/5).
(Eskilstunakuriren / Katrineholmskuriren, 1 March 2012)

"There is a freshness to Karl Nyhlin’s interpretations."
5 stars (5/6).
(Svenska Dagbladet, 29 Feb 2012)

"Karl Nyhlin is an outstanding lutenist and music-maker with beautiful sound production, authority and perfect technique. Very beautifully played."
(Gitarr & Luta 1, 2012)

"Nyhlin performs with a solid sense of style and a good ear for the period. It is a lovely variety with a number of melodies to remember. A CD I will come back to." 5 stars (5/5).
(Opus, April 2012)

"The interpretations are skillfully executed, giving a wonderfully relaxed impression."
(Tidningen Kulturen, March 2012)

”Karl Nyhlin's playing is full of life, he makes it clear that he has his own ideas, yet understands his responsibilities.”
(Laute & Gitarre)

"Nyhlin’s technique is impeccable, and his playing is wonderfully clear.
Very refreshing performances. A delight."

(LUTE NEWS – The Lute Society Magazine, August 2012)

Reviews for the CD "Kellner & Weiss" (2010):

Nyhlin plays sweetly, most beautifully, and with lovely phrasing. He always keeps the interest alive through delicate nuances and subtle colour changes.
...an utter delight.”
5 stars


”Nyhlin’s playing on this CD displays an ideal mix of control and expression. Tonally, I find his sound to be just about ideal. Highly recommended - I’d like to hear more from this performer.
(Fanfare Magazine)

”Nyhlin interprets the richly varied Weiss sonata in G minor with exquisite sense of melody, phrasing and rhythmic dynamics.
It makes you look forward to more solo discs with Karl Nyhlin.”

(Upsala Nya Tidning)

”A further honourable mention in despatches must go to Karl Nyhlin's Kellner & Weiss… Nyhlin’s playing is characterized by a very pleasing, modest charm. His technique is absolutely secure”
(Early Music)

”An extremely captivating disc.”
(Belgian Lute Academy)

"It has been a long time since I heard someone play with such presence on a disc. Karl Nyhlin caresses rather than plucks the music out of the lute’s gut strings."
(Helsingborgs Dagblad)

”Karl Nyhlin’s playing displays both dedication and a gentle sweetness.”

”Karl Nyhlin’s music-making is distinguished by freedom, good phrasing and attractive dynamic shadings.”

”Karl Nyhlin plays with sophistication, discretion and at the same time lots of expression… confidently communicating this music's elegant, melodic flow”
(Corren/Östgöta Correspondenten)

Recital reviews:

"Karl Nyhlin's lute playing was wonderfully flowing, like the sounds of the river that is always constant yet always fresh - what beauty!"
(Morgunblaðið) (Iceland)

"...The main recital of the day, a particularly enjoyable performance on the 11-course baroque lute by Karl Nyhlin, who played with great sensitivity, taste and subtle musicianship..."
"...It was as enjoyable and charming a baroque lute recital as one could remember."

(Lute News - The Lute Society Magazine) (UK)

"Karl Nyhlin performed with beautiful tone and total assurance. ...an excellent mini recital"
(Lute News – The Lute Society Magazine)

"...The high point of the evening, a theorbo grande in a work by Johannes Hieronymous Kapsberger. Nyhlin gave wings to this music lost in the mist of times."
(Västerbottens Folkblad)

"Karl Nyhlin played masterfully"

"Der mit dezenter Dynamik und schöner Farbigkeit spielende Lautenist Karl Nyhlin sorgte für Lebendigkeit und Bewegung."
(Frankfurter Neue Presse)

”…An excellent continuo section where the lutenist Karl Nyhlin places notes of infinite delicacy. And this is what lingers in one’s mind…”
(Svenska Dagbladet, 31 July 2012)